Struggling to get a constant flow of applicants?

Meet The Hiring On Demand System.

Getting Applicants To Your Application And Pulling Out Quality New Hires Is What We Do Best

Get started in less than 60 seconds. Cancel Anytime

Struggling to get a constant flow of applicants?

Meet The Hiring On Demand System.

Getting Applicants To Your Application And Pulling Out Quality New Hires Is What We Do Best

Get started in less than 60 seconds. Cancel Anytime

  • Zero Computer Skills Needed

  • Works For Every Type Of Business

  • Attract, Hire, Onboard Like A PRO

Tap into 2-10x More Candidate Applications

Trim Indeed Ad Spend to Just ~$.17 CPC

80% of Hiring & Onboarding Automated

Shave Off 20+ Admin Hours Each Week

Quality Hires Within 5 Days Of Your New Job Ad

Save $1,500+/mo & Expand Job Capacity


World Class Entrepreneurs Love Using The Hiring On Demand System

See For Yourself . . .

Jhanilka & Anthony

Verified HOD User

"We don't ever recommend someone we don't trust and you guys Krystal has the hiring down for us, definitely recommend!"

Jon & Melissa

Verified HOD User

"We went from $0 and just me to $50k monthly and 12 full time staff, couldn't have done it without the hiring system."

Kathrina & Toni

Verified HOD User

"It's such an easy and automated system, I just show up and interview the people on my calendar."

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So, Why Do You Need More Applicants?

Imagine your job ad is out there, but it's only drawing in a trickle of people. It's just like a talent show with only a few acts — you might have to pick someone who's not quite the star you wanted.

Here's Where More Applicants Make All the Difference.

When you get a flood of applicants, it's a game-changer. It's like your talent show suddenly has a lineup of amazing acts to choose from and you get to choose the best, not just the rest.

Once we have the crowd we can guide them through 7 layers of candidate filtration.

And find the right fits for the role automatically!

Without Our Help & Automation

  • High Job Ad Costs

  • Not Enough Applicants

  • Manual Outreach

  • Long Time To Hire

  • Manual Onboarding

  • So So New Hires

With Our Help & Automation

  • Cheapest Job Ad Cost

  • Tons Of Applicants

  • Auto Outreach

  • 50% Faster Time To Hire

  • Auto Onboarding

  • Quality New hires

Does quality new hires sound good to you?

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The HOD System "Teaches You" How To Get Applicants

We're not just here to hand you applicants; we're here to teach you how to attract them like a magnet.

Our guidance is backed by $5 million in ad spend.

You'll cut costs, boost your applicant Full Width numbers 2-10 times, and auto-fill your CRM. No more manual hunting; it's all about smart, automated hiring.

But That’s Not All Hiring On Demand System Does...

It Gives You Everything You Need To Attract, Hire, Onboard Quality Workers On Autopilot!

All In One Convenient Spot!

HOD System Is Your…


Remember those days when writing job posts and brainstorming interview questions felt like a never-ending chore? With the HOD System, you'll have it all done before your coffee cools down.

With This Workflow, you can...

  • Whip up job posts that really work.

  • Choose from ready-to-use questions for applications.

  • Grab interview questions that help you score the best fits fast.

  • Get help with creating questions for custom topics


HOD System Is Your…

All In One Application

We've been around the block and know that flashy application funnels aren't always the answer. That's why we've designed our all-in-one application approach.

With Surveys, you can...

  • Quickly set up a new application.

  • Customize easily with our drag-and-drop builder, no tech skills needed.

  • Implement smart logic in just one click to streamline the process.


HOD System Is Your…

Interview Scheduler

Forget juggling a bunch of different scheduling tools. Our built-in calendar handles everything, from setting up interviews to sending out confirmations.

With Calendars, you can...

  • Pick from integrated calendar options (phone, Zoom, group, in-person).

  • Enjoy automated 24-hour advance confirmations, and wave goodbye to no-shows.

  • Get handy reminders via SMS and email, automatically tailor-made for each role.


HOD System Is Your…

Applicant CRM

We know how much of a hassle it is to hop from one software to another. That's why we've streamlined everything.

With the CRM, you can...

  • Call, text, or email candidates all from one place, saving you time and effort.

  • Keep everything organized – candidate docs, applications, interviews, onboarding forms, and IDs are neatly filed per applicant.

  • Send out job offers with pre-recorded voicemails, making their hiring experience efficient and memorable.


HOD System Is Your…

Interview Guide

Finding a winning formula for consistent, quality hires can be a challenge. We get it – you want candidates who truly shine for your team.

With Forms, you can...

  • Craft interview guides tailored to each role, so you're Krystal clear on what "qualified" means for your team.

  • Achieve consistency in your interviews, making sure every candidate is evaluated against the same standard.

  • Implement a scoring system that focuses on qualifications, not gut feelings, resulting in fairer, more objective hiring decisions.

HOD System Is Your…

Onboarding Assistant

Congratulations on landing that star hire! Now, let the HOD System take the wheel and guide your new talent through a streamlined onboarding journey.

With Our Workflows, you can...

  • Keep your new hire engaged with a mix of emails, voicemail drops, images, and SMS messages. Their first five days will be a breeze.

  • Seamlessly integrate with PandaDoc (requires a separate subscription) for easy document management, including free background checks.

  • Once they've checked off their tasks, you're just a quick document review away from sealing the deal. Sign, download, and attach everything to the applicant's profile with just a few clicks.


HOD System Is Your…


As soon as the docs are uploaded, our system INSTANTLY triggers the next step – usually an orientation.

With Memberships, you can...

  • Go digital for remote convenience or set up an in-person meet – it's your call.

  • If you choose digital, our course-style setup lets you monitor their progress and ensure they're up to speed with all the necessary updates.

  • Say goodbye to repetitive basic training; our system familiarizes new hires with essential tools and knowledge, no need for you to say a word.


HOD System Is Your…

Additional Revenue Stream

If you're interested in providing Done-For-You (DFY) Recruiting services for your clients, you can activate this option with a simple click, all within a single account. It's the magic behind our comprehensive design of the system!

With Agency, you can...

  • Take care of hiring for other companies, handling everything from interviews to onboarding and orientation, and delivering new hires automatically.

  • Upgrade to snag our DFY recruiting asana project.

  • Participate in our weekly audit calls for extra support and guidance.


Try The Hiring On Demand System Today For Free And Witness The Awesomeness For Yourself!

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Want To Hear What Entrepreneurs Like Yourself Have To Say?

Here You Go…

Believe in the process, because you can just tell from the moment you start interacting with the software, with the automations that it's proven. Everything just makes sense logically.

I got my first applicant within the first hour that we went live and I Couldn't believe it... over a hundred within the past 2 weeks.

It's just an incredible automated system that takes the stress off of me trying to find cleaners for my referral agency. You won't wanna get off of it because in the system, you have the potential to build a larger team.

We have searched for applicants, we've been doing it for about 4-5 days and we have about a little more than 50 applicants.. The program works by itself, there is nothing I have to do but to make sure to check the interview dates and times and sit down and interview them.

I've had great results so far, we really have been pulling in applicants for about a month and i have to tell you, my calendar is full and the quality of applicants are high.

I love KB recruiting because the software is really easy to use even for a layman like me.

She has created a DONE FOR YOU which does everything, covered all the basics... I didn't have to do anything except show up when the email comes in. KB is a GAME CHANGER.

I got a new worker and she said that I don't need to go out there because she believes in customer service.

Hi Krystal, thank you so much for putting together your sales and orientation program. It is amazing, instructions are very easy step by step all the way to completed.

It has been one of the greatest experiences, by far it the best platform i have seen...she's been able to get hiring easier for us. Able to get us more money by allowing us with more candidates and views get to different parts of sales and services.

I got so many applicants that I've been giving interviews every hour for weeks which is amazing and i really didn't need to give everyone an interview... and i have a list of people who are so qualified for the position also for back up...

Get started in less than 60 seconds. Cancel Anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything else I need with this in order to make it work?

Right now, yes, you'll need the $60 PandaDoc business plan to put all the onboarding documents together in one link for easy signing. If you've already got them in a link, that's awesome – you can stick with it. But it's crucial that all the documents are in a single link, not spread across multiple ones.

We've got a template ready for you to import, and we'll guide you on how to customize it and grab the link from your PandaDoc. Our template is designed to save you a lot of time.

We're actively working on adding a feature for signing documents directly in the system, but it's not ready yet. So, as of now, having a PandaDoc plan is the only thing you need.

If you're interested in using the agency version, you can go with the PandaDoc basic plan, but you'll also need Zapier. This combo allows you to set up unlimited document signing for all your DFY Recruiting clients, similar to how we use it for ours.

Does this Include Paying for Ad Traffic

That would be awesome . . but no you are responsible for having an ad budget in addition to our services. We will optimize and manage your job ads and recommend you have an ad budget of min $100-$300 while you're actively hiring.

How does the Job Ad Billing work?

We do not charge your ad budget. That will be billed directly through the ad platform, we simply manage it and stay within your budget.

What is the difference of traffic with the ad budget?

The difference is how fast the interviews come in. Every city, industry state/ province is different.If you are serious about getting workers we recommend starting with a $300 ad budget. You can always modify this after you've filled your positions.

Which ad platforms do you recommend?

We recommend indeed or facebook but you're more than welcome to use any job ad platform you would like to use as long as it can use a "apply by url" function.

With over 5 million in hiring ads, indeed has worked every-time you just got to know how to set it up, and optimize your hiring ads. With the HOD System we will show you how to connect it and launch your hiring ads and if you wish to learn how to expertly manage your hiring ads we have that available as a separate add on.

Whats the average time to get my first hire?

With a good ad budget, you can get your first few workers within 5-7 days of your ads being live.

How long does it take to setup?

It depends on if you mess around or get it done. Sometimes people sign up and forget to come back or say their to busy. . and in that case takes forever to get it done.

It takes about 1 hour to setup the tech on the hiring on demand system.

We do require you to get a pandadoc business plan or docusign business plan subscription to setup your documents into a form link it usually takes about 10 to 30 minutes.

And it takes indeed 1-3 days to push the setting updates to your indeed account - once they have done this your free to launch your first hiring ad to get traffic into our system.

We recommend to get the most out of our 14 day trial to get your setup and job ads live within 48 hours so you can experience a true trial.

Does it include BG Screening?

We do not integrate with a certain background screening software in particular. We use a link style approach where they have to get their own background check from our recommended free site(U.S Only) otherwise your more than welcome to use any other link style background check options. Or toggle it on to run the BG check in your backend if you don't want to have them do it on the front end. Your preference. Don't overcomplicate it - use our prebuilt flow.

Are their any contracts?

No, there are no contracts for our software plans.

However, If you choose to signup for our done for you recruiting yes we do have a agreement to sign to ensure we are all on the same page.

How does the done for you recruiting work?

1) Begin by signing up and completing a detailed onboarding form.

2) Our team gets to work crafting your hiring toolkit, which includes the application, automation processes, an interview guide, setup of PandaDoc and Zapier, creation of an Asana board for task management, and setting up Indeed. We also craft and launch your job advertisements.

3) We conduct an onboarding call to align our efforts with your needs.

4) Then we dive into conducting interviews , onboarding your new workers, finalize their onboarding documents, review background reports, and sending them over to your orientation.

5) The process is designed to be repeatable for consistent hiring results, every month.

6) Have an optimization call 3 weeks into it, or as needed.

This service supports up to five hiring goals and up to 15 new hires each month.

If you require capacity for more than 15 new hires, you can easily scale up with an additional subscription, which accommodates another 5 job ads and 15 new hires.