The Automated Hiring Process To Grow Your Team

Our software helps get you quality new hires on autopilot with a fraction of the time or effort.

The Automated Hiring Process To Grow Your Team

Our software helps get you quality new hires on autopilot with a fraction of the time or effort.

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Includes our free worksheets, job template and a bonus training video that goes over the the worksheet in detail.

Some Of Our Customers Are

How It Works

Step 1

Invite Us To Indeed So We Can Get You More Applicant Traffic For Less Money

We get it, almost everyone has either had a bad experience with certain platforms or gets stuck on how to generate enough applicant traffic!

Our team takes the guess work out of this and creates your first hiring ad for you, conducts the city research, and syncs it up to your new hiring automation.

This way you get the lowest ad spend, most applicants, and never have to manually send them a message or search through endless resumes. It's automated from here.

Some of our clients get hundreds of applicants pouring in with these changes alone.


Kirsten R. - Maidsalamode

“Krystal had decreased our hiring costs by over half of what we were spending before with 10x more qualified candidates "

Step 2:

Dial In Your Desirable Workplace That Attracts Tons Of Applicants

Yes! Now that we have traffic. We need to ensure that they align with the position and we motivate them the right ones to apply!

Form builders, and stock photos won't cut it!

Every applicant wants to feel connected to you, see your vision, and know you can provide a stable revenue source for their family.

Our white label videos and templates are a crucial piece that have applicants drooling for more.

Step 3:

Let The Automation Do The Work. You Only Conduct The Interviews And Click A Button!

Our system has helped place thousands of new hires within the last 6 months. How? We eliminate the guess work on how to hire.

Let our automation take the applicant and guide them through the entire hiring process.

You only have to do the interviews, and click a button after.

The system will automatically wait 3 hours and drop a voicemail, sms, email and offer them the job.


Anthony Q. - Instatidy

“Takes the stress out of me finding cleaners, with such an easy automated process. I have brought on some of my best workers with this process. ”

Step 4:

Easily Track Your New Hire Onboarding Tasks All In One Place

Keep all tasks, documents, files directly onto the applicant.

In addition, our magically 3 day timer helps motivate the applicant to go through your onboarding documents in a timely fashion or they miss out on the job offer.

You're onboarding just got easier.

Step 5:

Sit Back & Relax As They Go Through Any Of Your Automated Training

A huge misconception is that quality workers don't need training. While they may have experience they still need proper training.

Don't underestimate the power of training.

We will help you get your training down course style so you can streamline new hires.


Rachel - OCD Cleaning

My new workers said this has been the BEST hiring and onboarding process they have ever had!

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Life With The Hiring On Demand System


Krystal has given value on top of value. This is such an easy automated hiring process.


I had no idea how to find or compel applicants to join my company.


Krystal has some sort of magic. I have applicants pouring in.


I have had GREAT results, my calendar is full and the quality of applicants are high.


I was able to hire all the people that I needed for my company.


It is an excellent hiring too.


The instruction are very easy, step by step all the way to complete it


Now I have 12 full time staff and everything is running smoothly


Listen Krystal has created a done for you version that is everything you can ever dream of!

Rachel - STOKED Again!

When i get on the phone with one of my new workers. . . . and they are fire! 🔥

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