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We are on a mission to help every business get find and keep quality workers. While also making sure the companies are hiring fairly and giving decent wages and are always striving to improve their backend training so they can launch new hires directly into success.




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Hey I'm Krystal, Founder of KB Recruiting.

I'm a former military police officer, a mother of 3, and an entrepreneur. I personally LOVE TECH and automating anything and everything!

I grew up around cleaning companies. I opened my own cleaning business with employees, workers comp, company cars and closed sales over 10 grand for just one job.

I sold my cleaning company and started a cleaning referral agency with contractors.

For about 9 months I volunteered to study contractor laws in-depth, held workshops to help educate compliance with contractors in the cleaning space.

With all my family's cleaning businesses needing workers, that's how our services were developed.

Since then have managed millions in hiring ads and have helped SOO business owners transform their hiring we have clients all throughout the US, Canada, Ireland, and more.

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