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Creating a Company Orientation

October 08, 202219 min read

In this video, I will show you how to create a company orientation using Asana and Kartra.

I will dive into each step that will help your onboarding process to be much much easier and more organized!

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If you're here, welcome to my channel, the Go One place for service border entrepreneurs and side hustlers. If you haven't did so yet, make sure you give a little love tap on that subscribe button and hit the bell to be notified as we're coming out with 30 videos in 30 days. So make sure that you're notified of all the good content to help your business grow. So I set up your orientation. We're gonna need two of my favorite tools to go ahead and set this up, One being Asana and two being Kartra. And I'm gonna go into how to use Zoom in just a second. All right, so once you're inside of Asana, just go ahead and click on the Plus for a new project, click on blank project, name your project, whatever you would like to typically orientation suits the topic and click create project. Awesome. So this first one, I do recommend putting it all as legal must haves. So I want you to first brainstorm all the legal components that need to be in here, such as contract, sexual harassment, videos, handling SOPs or Chemicals.

And much more. So you're gonna continue to write down all the legal components that they must know right here in this column. Um, so also now I want you to think of these columns as individual stepping stones that they need to learn in order to um, be fully trained on working with you, um, either as an employee or onboarded successfully as a contractor. So think of the stages that they need to learn, um, an individual like categories, right? So this one could be software, this one could be availability, um, this one could be work orders, customer relations

And so on so forth. So you're gonna continue to brainstorm all, all of these out. This is just a demo with some ideas. Um, so ours definitely goes way more in detail, um, for house cleaning with contractors, but again, this is a general orientation for either, no matter what industry you're in, no matter if you work with contractors or employees. So you are gonna have your own for your company. So again, so for software, I want you to think about everything that they need to know, right? So this could be how to log in. This could be they need to know the links. Um, and then also, so after you brainstorm everything that they need to know, um, I want you to think of any issues that you have in this stage. So if you have any software issues, do you have any software issues with your team?

Do you have any software issues with your customers? Does anywhere, do you have any problems when it comes to software? If you do, what is it? Um, so for instance, let's just say we have an issue for the availability as we have nohow, right? So that will be one of the problems that will be a little little card within here. What else do they need to know about the availability? Well, they need to know how to set it up, maybe what, what to do if they, uh, need the day off. What if they're sick, right? What do they do when they're sick? Um, so on, so forth. So you're gonna continue to go out with, think of these as categories or stepping stones that they need to learn. And then these are all the things that they need to learn within it as well as all the problems that typically happen within that stage.

So after you've brainstormed everything out, you need to kind of figure out where all the legal must haves are gonna be put into. So maybe they have the contracts, um, or let, I'm sorry, uh, close that one. So maybe they have the contracts, I don't know, maybe you want to discuss that in the work order. Um, module, right? So you're gonna continue to drag them over on where you want to put them for your orientation. Next, we need to figure out how to condense this. So this one is login in links. I think they could typically go together. So what I can do now is say that I'm gonna go ahead and use this one and this one to create one lesson to teach these two things, right? To educate on these two things. So if you work with employees, you could really get nitty gritty when it comes to educating.

If you work with contractors, you really wanna think of standing in a third party aspect, saying is, most providers typically use this to log in and find it successful. Here are the links that you can go ahead and maximize, you know, your opportunity working with the agency, so on and so forth, right? So you're gonna structure your lessons how you need to for your company. Um, alright, so let's go ahead and condense this, right? So I'm gonna go ahead and put this as login and links. Awesome. So now that I have done that, I'm just gonna go ahead and either click on these so I know that I have them done and I've talked about it. So now that I have it done, I have it right here. That's what I'm gonna talk about, right? So now I want to go ahead and go into a lesson overview. I also want to put the actual lesson and then also I need to put down any action steps that they need to take after, right? So, and then, awesome. So now the lesson overview, you're gonna go ahead and write down your lesson overview for the login and link. So what, what is the objective of this lesson, right? So if there's no objective of the lesson, then you don't need it. You could take it out. It's not important enough to be in there. We only want to have important stuff that is gonna move the momentum and not just make it a wasted lesson rate. So the objective of this lesson is to log in successfully

To handle daily operations. All right? So the action steps are going to be ensure that they can log in, have the correct credentials, okay? And then you need to think of all the steps that come in from this point to this point, right? So what do they need to learn or how, What are the sequential steps in order? So one, two,

Oops, three. And you could start by putting it all in sequential order, 1, 2, 3. And then you could eventually type it into maybe a lesson format, whether you want to do a document, whether you want to do a PowerPoint, put all the information they need to know right here. So it's easier when you're trying to convert this into an actual lesson plan. Awesome. So once you have done that for this lesson, you're gonna continue to do that for all the lessons. So you could have four or five lessons within here, just make sure that you try to condense as much as possible when creating and structuring your orientation for your company. All right, so now that you have it all planned out into Asada, now you need to figure out how you're gonna do the lessons. So some lessons can be text, some could be documents, some could be PowerPoints or recorded spokespersons off of fiber.

Or you could have them all professionally done and engaging videos as well. So you get to decide how you want to do it. You could always start out with text and eventually go to PowerPoints until you're able to financially afford somebody to record all the videos. It's typically around $300 per video for somebody to record a scripted video, just depending on the length and keeping it engaging and much more. So I would definitely recommend investing in that to your company as it's gonna increase your employees or contractors and the performance retention and so much more and really get them to want to work, to want to put in the effort when it comes to working with your company. It's tremendously overhauled our company by implementing this. And if you do work in the house cleaning industry with contractors, definitely check out our 24 videos that we have that are universal and already created.

One click import that you could definitely snag below for a discounted price. But now that we've done all the hard work, we've kind of figured out how to outline it, we've figured out what we want to do for our videos, you gotta create the videos, but I'm gonna show you how to set it up real quick. And Kartra awesome. So now that we set Beana, we gotta move to Kartra in order to build it, right? So when we're building it, there are typically two ways that I could see you setting this up. So one could be coming into Kartra, By the way, I'll leave a link in the description below for a free two week trial for only a dollar. Um, that is my affiliate link. I do appreciate if you use that. All right, so once you go into Kartra, come down to my campaigns. All right, so if you come over to available campaigns right here at the top.

So I typically really like this area because there are so many different campaigns that are already done for you that you could already import and use for your company. So when it comes to setting up your orientation, I would definitely either recommend setting up your own course, which requires a little bit more technical skills or using this campaign right here and going this route. So it's totally up to you on which one you would like to use. So if you did want to check out this one right here, all you would have to do is click onto the three dots and click deploy and it will automatically come into your account and you're just gonna end up clicking on one of these and following the prompts all the way down until it says a hundred percent completed if it wants to load. One second. Okay, awesome. So then it's gonna tell you right here, here are the five assets that you need to do. It's gonna tell you what to do and then you're gonna click the button to take you there and then you're gonna mark it completed once you did that. So you're just gonna continue down with this area to set up that campaign. All right, so if you didn't, so for this one, I do recommend, um, at least deleting some of the functions, right? So if you click on this video,

Let me go ahead and show you. So they will show you how it's all set up, right? So you haven't in which will end up being your page, that will be to have them enroll in the orientation. So you will design it and customize it to enroll in the orientation. And then it's gonna say thank you. You could say thank you for, you know, signing up to work with our company. Here are um, you know, lots of links and resources. Here are your contacts to go ahead and if you have any questions during your process, here is your chain of command, however you want to have it set up, right? And then you have your course or your orientation delivered over five emails in a series of five days. So basically the only thing you're gonna do is take out the checkout page right here and it will just have the same concept. You're just gonna delete these two pages right here and change the button on the fifth lesson. So that one is already done for you set up. You just have to customize it and follow the prompts. That is an awesome way to go ahead and get started. If you're not really that technical savvy, it's already set up for you. So the other way that you can do this is come over to my memberships. So if you come here to my memberships, let's get this loaded. One second.

Awesome. So just come over to the lower right hand side where it says the plus membership. Sorry to click on that. Awesome. Let's go ahead and put in orientation demo and then click create. All right, so then you're gonna go ahead and change this out. I would definitely recommend putting in your website name for here for now. Changing this to HT TPSs and clicking save. So in that little bubble right there, you could also change it to where it's your company logo. So on the second stage you get to decide whether you want to password protect it or keep it to where it's free. So either or totally up to you. Just click save. We're gonna click save and next. Awesome. So now we're gonna go ahead and click on the Launch builder. All right, so here is the backend raw setup of a course. So you have your left hand side of all your navigation tools that you could set up. So first things first, we need to drop in a category and this will basically be our first category. So if we look into our Asana board, we see our first category was software. So we're gonna come here and type in software.

All right, awesome. So now that we have it set up, as you see it's on this module right here, we just need to grab this little new post and drag it right onto this blue area where it is getting sucked into that. So this is gonna be our new post. So this post is gonna be the card right here, which is links and links. You guys will have it all filled out by now. Let's just go with that. For the demo, you could change the icon to whether it is a video, it is a PDF, or just text, whether it's a download or whatnot. You have a lot of different options. We typically go with the video, Click save. Awesome. So you could also go ahead and drag over your host as you see right here. You have a side bar area, so this could be whatever you want it to be. I typically put it for the host where you'll see the owner of the company or their typical go-to contact person. And then you can go ahead and start building out your content. So you could typically start with um, a headline. Ashley, let's come down,

Let's start with an overview box and we'll change this one to less than overview. And you'll have your text here of course. And then we could drag over our headline, which is the links and links, lovely title. Awesome. And then we'll have the text, which will typically do a quick summary of the video. Um, and you could type all that out as well. If they need any links, you could draw the links over. And then you can go ahead and also put a check box as well if they need to take any action steps, which would be ensuring that they log in, there's, okay, so then you would also go ahead and either put in your video right here or you can go ahead and record it via LU and put that in too. So I'll just choose one of our Kartra videos from r uh, orientation course that we have. Um, select video. Let's see. Okay, awesome. Click save.

All right, so now we have an idea of how to set the thing, the course up, right? So basically you're gonna come in here, you're gonna continue to add in categories and your lesson overview, your title, your video, and your summary. And any action steps you can include in downloads or you could put in any additional things that they need to do. Like a form. You could actually embed it directly in here. So if you do require multiple, um, forms that they need to fill out afterwards, you could even put that inside of it, which is awesome as well too.

Um, a cool thing as well too, is you could upload subtitles. So if you do want Spanish, you could have Spanish subtitles. It's a good idea. All right, so now let's go ahead and click save. So we're gonna go ahead and click save progress. I definitely recommend clicking save progress all the time, but let's click save and exit. So now you get to choose what you want your course or your orientation to look like for your team. So you could choose whether you want it to be blue, orange, pink, all these different colors. Here you have lots of different layouts that you could choose from as well too, on whatever one you like. I like this one. And the pink, we'll click save and exit. Awesome. So now we just got out of the launch builder. Now we need to continue to go to the finish area so that our courses are ready to go.

So we're gonna click save and next. Awesome. So this one I typically always have the comments off. I don't want com people to comment on to the course that could, um, use a help desk feature or whatnot, but that it's more of an advance. We're not gonna get into that on this, on this video. Awesome. Okay, it's going a little bit slow with the screen record. Bear with me guys. Okay, so this is the access level. If you want to have multiple different access levels, maybe you have a manager version, a team leader, a cleaner handyman, you have a whole bunch of different levels. Um, I believe you can actually have three levels is what you can have, but you can actually enable it to have a different level. And you could choose that they don't get this one. Maybe they get instant access or you could drip it out as well too. Totally your call, just click save when you're done.

Awesome. Let's just click save and save the next. So you could choose as well if you want to have them, um, forced throughout for linear progression to where they have to finish each lesson. Um, which is typically what I like for my orientation, um, or for our courses, cuz we like to make sure that they get the tech first as tech always builds up on top of it. And again, guys, if you again are in the house cleaning industry and you work with contractors, make sure you check out the link and the description where we have all of this set up for you. You just have to one click import it, and we have all the videos, have everything done already ready for you to go and get started. But don't worry, we continue to set this up. Okay? So if you want to force linear progression, you can, um, and you can give them a badge if they completed it and you can duck it out if you want to. Um, but for this instance, we're gonna put no, don't display the progress bar. Click save. If you wanted to get a help desk, that is when you would enable a help desk right here. I love that feature. All right, so if you want to have them, um, have a welcome email and customize it, you would just go ahead and put in your integration email right here too and click save.

All right, so they're gonna get their login info. If you wanted to customize it, you totally can. I already have my email integrated. Um, if you want to integrate that, you just come to my integrations and set that up. Um, if you want a tutorial on that, just leave a comment in the description or , leave a comment down below and I could make a tutorial on that too. All right, so click save. And next, if you wanted to assign them a tag or a list, um, you can go ahead and do that. Now, I typically do add a tag and a list. So you could fully customize it, click save x, and then you have your membership created. So if you come back to your memberships now, All right, so now you have your course that is already in construction. You can go ahead and click on the three dots and you can click on members' list.

You can click on the plus member and add them into your course and give them an access level. So this is like the easy way of setting it up without having like a landing page for them to sign up for your orientation or having emails or anything. This is just a really quick way for you to build it in here. And then you could add their name in here to get them in here without having to do all the additional automation and emails and stuff like that. Kartra is definitely built for it, but in this tutorial we're not diving into all those other ways. So you can definitely have it set up right here. Name, last name, email, give them access to the orientation, and then their inside of it. All right, guys, in this video so far, you've learned how to outline how your process goes with your workers from point A to point B, outline all the problems, really put in all the extra stuff that they need to know, figured out how you're gonna prep out your lessons and how to do it inside of Kartra. So if you like this video, give it a thumbs up. Make sure you leave a comment down below with your biggest takeaway from today's video. If you want to check out our house cleaning contractor orientation, definitely check it out in the link below. Join our Facebook group as well. It's gonna be in the description and I'll see in the next one. Bye.

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