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Do You Need A Business Coach!

October 08, 20227 min read

In having and or planning to go into business, it is a phenomenon to think that everything you will face at the onset, will absolutely be a gamble. Why? The situations that may come, will be unpredictable and sometimes, you will find yourself overwhelmed with the end results.

Sorting out the reason why you might need to get a business coach can be sometimes hard especially if you like to do things your way or you tend to rely on DIYs, researching, and learning on your own. Yet, getting one and giving it a try will surely make a difference. It will give you more perspective and insights into the benefits of having a mentor. Here are some things you need to consider before making a decision.

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Have you thought of getting a business coach and you're kind of curious on if it's a good idea, what do they do and which way do you go?Do you DIY learn everything or do you get a roadmap and have a mentor? Well, in this video we're going to dive into what business coach is and we're also going to go over a few questions that you can ask yourself to figure out if you would benefit from having a business coach.

What is a business coach? Well, a business coach is going to help you be able to accelerate your success. They're going to help you identify your weaknesses and help you strengthen them as well as be able to get there at a faster pace than versus trying to DIY it or trying to figure it out all on your own .If you're new here, welcome to my channel. I'm Crystal from Crystal Bella Co and on the show we talk all about how to start a local service based business. So if you're new here, make sure you give a little love, tap on that subscribe button and hit the bell to be notified as we're coming out with a new video every single Sunday. I know your time is valuable, so check the description down below for all the time stamps if you want to jump ahead. But let's dive in.

If you're just starting or you're stuck in your growth, I want you to ask yourself these questions. So grab a pen and paper and you're going to answer yes or no. All right, so I'm going to ask you 13 questions .Are you ready? Number one, do you know what model you want to go with fellow employees or contractors? Because every single one operates with a different foundation stand point, verbiage standpoint, and a lot of other lega laspects that you're going to need to have altogether in order to have your business set up with a strong lingual foundation to avoid any misclassification or penalties or having to redo your foundations at a later time in your business, sending you thousands and thousands of dollars.

So ask yourself, do you know which model that you want to start out with solo employees and contractors? Answer yes or no down below. Number two, do you have your legal foundation set up, such as in terms of service contracts, legal posters in your home or office? Answer yes or no down below. Number three, do you have good time management?Are you able to complete tasks or are you one of those who get sidetracked and kind of put off the task? Number four, do you have your niche dialed in? Are you passionate about it? Is your niche profitable and do you know who your ideal audience is? Number five, do you have a good lead generation systemin place to create a steady stream of leads coming in so you're able to hit your company sales goal?

Number six, do you have good customer service and complaint handling? Number seven, do you have good retention rates for your providers and for your customers? Do you have a new provider that comes on board and then you have a quick turnover with your staff? Or do your customers typically book a reoccurring service and then maybe they cancel after that first service and you're not really able to retain them or get them to convert to a reoccurring service? Answer yes or no down below. Number eight, do you have good deliverability? Are your customers happy? Are you getting a lot of complaints? Number nine, do you have good systems in place in order to resell and upsell customers in your database? Number ten, do you have SOP written out and easyto find if you're not sure what SAPS are? It's standard operating procedures. So this is typically how to do an estimate. How to take a phone call.

How to handle every single type of operation in your company which is written out strategically with start to finish and all stored in an area where your admin can find. Which will help you scale your company later on and hire out outsource and so much more and also create a more desirable company if you ever choose to fail your company. Number eleven, do you have hiring systems? Do you have hiring systems that are beneficial in actually getting you the workers that you want or is this something that you struggle with Answer yes or no. Number twelve, do you have an orientation set up for employees or contractors to help them get started? And yes, so for employees you're able to have it step by step videos HOW TOs and much more.

But when it comes to contractors, you're still able to really have one. You just got to structure it differently instead of that step by step how to you're going to create it more as a contractor compliant there. So just make sure that you pay attention to the laws and you're able to get that all bundled up in a contractor compliant manner or with employees. Again, that step by step by step tutorial to help them succeed. This is how to become team leader. This is how to get a raise. How do you do this?

Checklist write ups. If they know show, then they get written up. How many writeups do they get in order to be fired? Having all these systems in place inside of that orientations going to help you be able to retain those workers longer by setting those expectations up front so they are not shocked or think you're a bad owner by kind of figuring them out as they happen. It's very important to make sure that you have these things set up so we're able to increase the longevity of your workers and so much more. Number 13, do you have systems and automation in place to reduce admin overhead? All right guys, so that was all of the 13 questions, I want you to pause and add them all up.

If you answered yes to six or more questions, then you probably don't need a business coach, and you're probably your own business coach. But if you answered no to six or more questions, then you would really benefit from a business coach. To help you identify those blind spots and those areas that you really need to focus on if you want to dive into strengthening all of these notes, check out the link in the description below to work with me one on one in one of our programs to help you strengthen all of these areas. Whether you are already in your business and you're stuck in your growth or you're just starting out, we help all different types of business owners starting and growing their local service based business.

So check that out in the description down below if that's something that you want further help with. So if you're wondering, Do I need a business coach? Technically the answer is no, you don't need a business coach.

But if you have a mentor to help you get there. You're going to be able to get there in amore cost effective way and get there a lot faster than if you were to DIY and YouTube all of these different areas and become an expert at one and take courses and learn every single one. Versus having a mentor to help you strengthen all of them and get there a lot quicker. So it's definitely your call whether you want to DIY or have a mentor, but I hope this video helped. If it did help, let me know your biggest takeaway down below. And if you do work with a business coach, let me know. What are you getting help with? I'd love to know.

All right, guys, I hope you enjoyed this video and I'll see you in the next one. Bye, guys.

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