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How to Start A Referral Agency! 

October 08, 20224 min read

Are you one of those entrepreneurs who would like to start a Referral Agency? Are you not sure where and how to start? Worry no more! In this video, I broke this down into 7 easy to follow steps in starting your own Referral Agency.

How To Start A Referral Agency | Let's dive into the 7 steps it takes to start a referral agency.

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Welcome back to my referral agency series where I'll walk you through how to start a service based business from your laptop and work from anywhere in the world. If you know here, Hi, I'm Krystal from cleaning coach for you and in today's video we're diving into how to start a referral agency. If you're not sure what a referral agency is, make sure you check out this video over here. But if you want to start a cleaning referral I agency, make sure you state at the end to learn all the legal basic components that you're gun to need to have set up to get started legally.

All right, guys. Super excited. I broke this down into seven, easy to follow steps for you to get started. Step one, getting your business name and logo. All right, so brainstorming a business name, but also including referral agency inside of the name and your logo in minimum of six point font. Step two, choosing your entity type. So if you wanna be a sole, proprie is definitely the cheapest option, but if you're going into a partnership, then you're gonna need a partnership agreement and have it signed and notarized. But most banks do this for free. If you want to start an llc, you're gonna need to have an LLC agreement and some paperwork filed first. Include some links below so you could find out more. But with an llc, there is also a state tax due within a few months of filing for your llc, and it's due every year.

So if you wanted to start up a different way and switch to an LLC later on, that's definitely a possibility. LLC gives you additional protection when you have a lot of assets. Step three, getting your business license. After you've gotten all the paperwork or agreements created or filed, now take them with you to get your business license. Step four, zoning in additional permits. If you wanna get an office or rent one, you may need additional permits. Just talk with your planning department to go over your office address and they will pull up in an existing records that have been approved for that location. If none are there, you may have to get an inspection from a few different people and also have your parking lot approved for incoming traffic. So if you work from home, you may need a home occupation permit, but if you don't live within the city or county that you're getting your business license, then most don't require you to have one since you don't live there.

So this is a little trick that could help you save a hundred dollars or more. Step five, getting your ein, which is an employment identification number. After you've gotten your business name, business license, now you're able to apply for your EIN with the IRS website. Super easy and can be done within five minutes, so I wouldn't pay for it. You could definitely do with yourself. Step six, setting up legal bank accounts. All right, so now that you have your ein, you could open up your trust account, your expense account, but definitely have them at different banks for legal reasons. But don't worry, I'll dive into why a little bit more further down in this training series. Step seven, getting a Sure Bond and checking for additional requirements for your state. So in California, it is required for us to have a surety bond and a pilot with the Secretary of State for California.

So definitely check with your state for any additional requirements as a referral agency so that you know you're protected. If you need additional help with getting contractors, make sure you snag a copy of my contract recruitment roadmap to get started. All right, so in next week's video, we're diving into a question I see a lot, which is, do I need contractors or clients first? All right. So make sure you subscribe and hit the bell to be notified for new videos in this training series. But if you want insider help, make sure to check out our private Facebook group. Um, include the link into the comments below. See in the next video guys. Bye.

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