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How to Set Up Your Indeed Employer Account: Best Tips and Practices

May 09, 20232 min read

Are you a small business owner looking to hire more staff? One of the best ways to reach potential candidates is by posting job openings on online job platforms such as Indeed. However, rushing through the account creation process can lead to mistakes that could cost you dearly. In this blog post, we'll guide you through setting up your Indeed employer account, and share with you some of the best tips and practices to make sure you get the most out of your job posting.

Step 1: Choosing the right Indeed

There are two ways to get started with setting up your Indeed employer account. The first is by typing "Indeed for employers" into Google, and clicking on the top result. The second is by going to, and choosing the country where you are hiring. Once you're on the employers' page, you can click on "sign in" or "post a job" to get started.

Step 2: Creating your employer account

When creating your employer account, make sure to enter your company's legitimate information, as this will be verified. Choose the language and country for your job posting, and select the job title, number of people to hire, and job location.

Step 3: Submitting your information for approval

Creating a job post is not necessary at this stage. Simply click on "save and continue" and fill in your company description and company culture information. You can come back and edit your job post later.

Step 4: Submit proof of business

You will need to verify your account by uploading proof of business such as a business license, tax permit, office bill, or proof of insurance.

Step 5: Change your job post status depending

Once your account is verified, you can create and edit your job post. Make sure to set your job post status to "paused" until you are ready to advertise it.

Step 6: Set up your billing information

To advertise your job post, you will need to set up your billing information. Fill in your payment details and click "save."

Step 7: Expect a call from Indeed

Indeed may call you to verify some of your business information. Don't hang up on them or turn them away, as this may result in your account being disabled. Once your account is set up, you will have access to a large pool of job seekers.

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