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#1 Mistake In Hiring - That Will Make Or Break Your Success

October 08, 20224 min read

Episode #1 Mistake In Hiring

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Every single business is struggling to hire right now, but they're all missing one important thing that will make or break their hiring process. You're listening to the hiring on demand podcast, episode, number one,

Hello everybody. And thanks for tuning in to our very first podcast episode, where we're looking forward to sharing all of our latest tips tricks, and behind the scenes client work to go ahead and help you get more workers, leads, systems, and processes set up in your business. Now, right now, every single business owner that we're talking to is struggling with hiring. And that's our main service that we offer. So we get to see thousands of applicants go through one business for one of our clients, just every single hour. So, so we can talk on this topic for days, but one of the most common things that we're seeing with every single business owner is that they're getting too emotional in their hiring process.

And what do I mean by this while they're getting a high bill for their ad they're hiring ads like indeed or better team or where wherever their ads are, Glassdoor, all these places that they're putting job, job postings out. And they're just seeing this big bill and they're like, it's not working. And then they shut it off. That's emotional reacting or everybody is no showing and nobody wants to work. Right. So if you're having like that, that's an emotional statement. So yes, you may have an excessive amount of no-shows. Yes, you may have people who know who don't wanna work, but then, then they just think that their strategy doesn't work. All of their strategy doesn't work, but reality is maybe one piece does one piece doesn't and you really need to figure it out on a data standpoint instead of such an emotional standpoint.

And it's really hard, especially since IMIT, we're working with a lot of local service businesses. So if somebody calls out, they're having to step in and fill in and, and got it Rex their day. I mean, maybe they're trying to answer phone calls and they're still trying to fill in, or maybe they're trying to call around and Scott or, or, or reschedule clients. And it is emotional. And I get that, but we have to take our emotions out of the hiring process if we want it to be successful. So looking at it from a data standpoint, from a number perspective, just like your, your, your sales, your marketing, like right, anytime that you are <laugh>, your marketing is tied towards money, it gets emotional. And then you see again, another high marketing budget or high bill come in from, let's say, Google ads, Facebook, like even with your, your marketing and you see it.

And you're like, oh gosh, it's not working. And then you turn it off. But then what you don't realize is that maybe it was working, but maybe your sales conversion was low or your, your, your lead follow up, or they didn't have enough touch points, or you only followed up with them once. And you're not looking at it from all the numbers. Well, the same thing applies with your hiring process. Being able to sit there and look at it from every single step in the process, right? Just like outlining. This is every single step that happens. And what are the numbers for each and every stage, every single step of that process. And then looking at the lowest numbers, lowest conversion, or the lowest amount of views, or the lowest opt in rate or the lowest conversion rate, like whatever it is. And focusing on that, usually from the left side of the spectrum, all the way down to the end.

So the beginning of your process, all the way down to the end is going to give you the biggest impact when it comes to fixing everything in that process. But the biggest thing is, again, making sure that you're taking your emotions out of it and that you're looking at it from that outside perspective. I hope this was helpful. And I can't wait to come out with our next episode. We'll be releasing a new episode every single week for you guys. So make sure that you subscribe and leave us a review. If you like to see more content like this.

Thanks for listening to the hiring on-demand podcast, where each episode is brought to from behind the scenes of, more a team of hiring experts, process consultants, marketing strategists, ads, managers, and automation specialists use their skills to help our clients find, hire, motivate, and retain their staff. So they can put an end to the constant fires scale and get out of the field once. And for all want to see what happens when we unleash our experts on your brand, head over to to apply for a free strategy call with one of our experts.

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