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Reducing Mental Stress As An Entrepreneur

October 08, 20227 min read

Episode #1 Mistake In Hiring

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Someone very close to me just recently tried to commit suicide because the stress of their business was just way too much, it was too unbearable. They just felt like they were drowning and they had no choice place and they just wanted a way out. There is such a balance between being an entrepreneur and balancing your personal life. It could definitely be easy when you’re working nine to five because you get to leave that stress once you clock out.

But as an entrepreneur, it follows with you. At night when you're cooking dinner, sometimes when you're going to bed and you're in the middle of the night and you hear your phone go off, or when you wake up in the morning or maybe when you're out to dinner with your family and you hear a message go off. You check it and you're just like, oh, shit. You got to handle XYZ and that's your business.

It just starts causing just so much anxiety 24/7, if you don't have the right processes and systems in place, it's always going to feel overwhelming. It's not going to go away unless we start to do something about it.

If this sounds like you and it's happening on a regular basis, you're not alone, but you can do something about it to reduce it. It's called putting fire prevention methods in place so you don't have to handle all the fires all the time. They're happening less often. It's unhealthy to have so many fires that you're putting out all the time.

It means that shit is broken in your business and you need to fix it, and it's okay. Stuff is going to break all the time. If you're not trying, you're not growing. If stuff is not breaking, again, you're not growing. And that's okay. But sometimes you need to put your hand up and say, I need help. Or sometimes you need to put your hand up and say, I need a break. I need somebody else to do this. Whatever that is, it's okay. You're not alone, and you're not meant to do this all by yourself.

That's why businesses grow with the teams that they have. They have help in all these different areas. They have little mini experts in every single one of these areas and then their business grows, and they have these environments, and it's fun and it's exciting, and they're growing and definitely shit is breaking because again, shit isn't breaking. You're not growing. But it's going to break at different stages there are going to be different things that you have to fix and learn over that time frame.

But it should never get to the point of where you feel like committing suicide and that it's just so overwhelming. You don't want to live it. This weekend, I really took the time to show this person that I love so dearly with all my art, how important life is, and how fun life can be. And we went out and it was a blast. We went to the lake and we went tubing. I rented the boat, the kneeboard, the tube, and barbecues, and we just un-winded from life and business and just talked.

I do not want you or anybody, you know, to get to that point where business is so overwhelming that it's not worth living life itself. And in order to prevent that, you need to start to care about processes in your business. Processes are what will help you create those fire prevention methods, they will help you to enforce these, they will help your team to learn these. It will help you to be able to onboard new people without repeating yourself every single time.

It's the way your business does things. It's the way you think when you're going through a specific process and having quizzes and having some of these processes be repeated and completed on a regular basis. Having these built out in your company. It will take time, but this is time to fix the foundation of your company and not just put on a band-aid solution that's temporary going to fix something because bandaids are bandaids, it's going to rip off, it's still going to hurt and that problem is probably still going to be there.

So I want you if you are feeling this way, to really focus the next 30 or 60days on building more processes in your company. And this is why I'm so passionate about helping business owners in all these different areas. We help business owners get workers, but once they get the workers and they start attracting them, then they need to filter quality and they need to learn that. And then we need to figure it out because sometimes you think you know what it is and it's not. And then once you get the workers and you get the quality, then you need to focus on, OK, how can I improve this?

How can we get more? And then it's fixing your interview conversion rate, your interview effectiveness getting improved, and then it's okay, now we got these workers on board, now we need to retain them. Maybe you're seeing you're a high turnover rate or maybe you are realizing that you're not able to offer them as many hours. And that's where we dive into lead nurturing and generating leads. And then once you get more leads, and then you're just like, I need more workers. And it is a constant balance and in order to get the stress off your plate and get your team and other people to know these things, you need to have processes.

You need to exit your business so you can work on strategy. If you're a business owner. You really shouldn't be answering the phones all the time or responding to emails or on social media yourself. Messaging and prospects or leads. Or you should have people and processes in place to have them take it over so you're able to work on the strategy. The training or any aspect that your zone of genius falls in and that you love to do all those things that you hate to do.

Those are the things that we really need to build processes around too because that's going to cause so much anxiety if you're doing those things that you hate or you're not doing those things and then it's causing fires. So it's definitely a balance. And you're not alone because every entrepreneur is trying to balance everything, even some of the bigger ones. It's crazy. I just listened to a podcast the other day and a business owner where we felt like really had their shit together was still learning the ropes too.

But he's constantly absorbing all the other industry experts and he's growing and learning as well too. And that's fine. It's not okay to have it all. It's not bad if you don't have it all together yet. As long as you're working on it and you're not mindlessly spending hours a day on useless tasks, then you're going somewhere in your business. If you are mindlessly doing other things in your business, it's probably because something is missing and you need to find out what that is sometimes it could be self cared to motivate you, or putting your hand up to your team and saying.

Hey, I'm struggling with this. And letting your team be able to support you and help any way they can. Or whether that's reaching out to an expert or somebody to motivate you or maybe just getting a therapist again. I'm not sure where you're at in your business and where you're at with your mental state. But I can assure you that once you get your mental state fixed and you start focusing on self-care having processes in place and being able to put fire prevention methods in place. You're going to have such a better mental state.

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